1. Refund policy is only applicable to purchases using debit or credit card payment methods and online banking only. 

2. Each purchase cash return application will be reviewed by Odamakan management for verification purposes.

3. All cash refund requests must be made by the customer through the online consumer assistance application.

4. Purchase cash back request must be made on the same date as purchase. If the application is made at a later date, Odamakan will not process the customer's request.

5. If the customer's cash return request has been approved by Odamakan management, the return will be credited to the customer's bank account within 5 business days.

6. Purchase cash back is valid only once per customer account. In the event of further applications, no cash returns will be allowed. Cashback will be replaced with a discounted discount voucher on any menu set by Odamakan management

7. For each cash return purchase request, the customer must attach proof of reference such as food image.

8. The factors that allow customers to claim a cash return on each purchase are as follows: 

8.1. The food delivered to the customer is not the same as the one ordered.

8.2. Packages of food that have been shipped are in bad condition, for example a translucent pack.

8.3. Foods that have been sent to customers are in bad condition, for example stale food.

9. Odamakan advises each customer to check their food first. First check to see if it fits the order you placed, the condition of the food pack and the condition of the food whether it is edible or not.

10. Once all the above items have been reviewed satisfactorily, the customer will then sign a confirmation of delivery of the pre-ordered food. This is aimed at avoiding bad service and at the same time providing optimum customer satisfaction.

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